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Springarm 90 Degree Trial 3 Pack

Springarm 90 Degree Compatible with Apex HiFlo 220 Valves – A breakthrough in on-farm water management.

Why change to Springarm’s:

  • Take the water worry away – peace of mind
  • Less monitoring – less stress and save time
  • Strong, durable and reliable – made from stainless steel
  • Save water & pumping costs – save money

Springarm’s make water management easy:

  • Replacement ballcock-arm that fits most valves
  • Contains built-in high grade stainless steel spring
  • High quality arm made from stainless steel that won’t rust
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Manufactured in New Zealand

Order now for 3-4 day delivery to your door and put aside the worry of water management on the farm this summer.

$NZD 75.00 inc GST

Farmer’s Little Saviour. Say goodbye to broken ballcock arms.

Fieldays Innovation Award Prototype 2021 WinnerManaging water supply during dry summers just got a whole lot easier. If you are tired of ball cock arms breaking, causing overflowing troughs, the Springarm 90 Degree or ‘Hockey Stick’ arm is what you have been waiting for. The Springarm 90 Degree Arm is a ball cock arm that lasts and is compatible with all Apex HiLo valves. Using the Springarm will save you time, money and water not to mention reduce the worry of which arm will go next.

Ric Awburn, the inventor of the Springarm, has been a dairy farmer for 20 years in an area renowned for having water supply issues. He has used Springarms in troughs on the farm he manages for 2 years and haven’t had any leaks since due broken ball cock arms.

90 Degree Springarm Trough arms that flex. A simple, sustainable solution to a common farming problem.

The Springarm is an incredible product and a much cheaper solution than any other product on the market, attempting to solve the same problem. It is animal welfare friendly not causing any distress to cows drinking from the trough and will last much longer than conventional, rigid trough arms.
Say no to overflowing troughs, wasted water, broken ball cock arms and the stress of summer with Springarm.

For International Orders and Orders Over 50 Units please contact us directly on [email protected] or call 0800 258 370