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Springarm Farmer Reviews.

We have 60 Springarms installed and have found them to be amazing!

Jack Koopman, Dairy Farmer.

The Springarms have already been put to the test on our farm. Our water supply is bad in some paddocks, with many broken arms over the past few years. We usually try to take the arms out of the troughs if we suspect they will run out of water while we are still milking, but of course that doesn’t always happen. We have put the Springarms in some of these troughs to see if they would last, being abused by the cows, and I’m pleased to say that they have held very well after the troughs were emptied out by the cows. This is a product that will be highly wanted by farmers, I’m sure.

Bianca Sterkenberg, Dairy Farmer.

Down here in Riverton, at times we struggle for water when the cows drink as much as they can. And they continually break the trough arms. Not only are we now saving on the cost of trough arms we are also saving on water, time and stress not knowing which arm will go next and when. I wish we had had Springarms 20 years ago. They are certainly a cheaper option to replacing the entire trough. We now have no more water wastage or broken arms to deal with.”

Ross McKenzie, Dairy Farmer.

“My brother in law and I farm together nearly 5000 cows. For us profitability is key. We don’t spend money unless it’ll pay off in the long run. Buying Springarms for our troughs was a no-brainer as they last, eliminating the need to replace broken trough arms continuously during summer. We bought 50 Springarms initially as a trial but will be buying more soon as the arms we’ve put in, have performed well. None of them have broken!”

Henry Cowley, Dairy Farmer.

Through continual breakage of conventional ball cock arms we felt there must be a better way of eliminating the cost of replacing conventional arms and saving $ on wasted water. We discovered Springarm and thought it’s a really good idea. We have tried it on the farm and it has been worthwhile on saving costs on replacement arms and the overflow of water. The animals won’t break the ballcock arms and we can relax knowing we won’t waste water.

Warren and Evelyn Adams, Dairy Farmers.

We are a small 40 hectare farm with 120 cows. I am often away from the farm during much of the day. If a ball cock arm breaks by the time I am back the water would be lost and it would take 3-4 days to replenish the tanks from the bore. The weakest link on the farm has always been the ballcock arms. The Springarm takes away this weakest link. None have broken to date, and it absolutely does the job we want it to do.

Hamish Burdon, Dairy Farmer.

Hamish Burdon Diary Farmer
Travis Awburn Dairy Farmer

“Last summer I was able to refit most of my farm out with Springarms. What a game changer, our farm water sometimes struggled to keep up with the cattle drinking at the higher part of the block and out the back. In Summer I dreaded going away on fishing trips, weekend trips with the family in case our cattle went short of water, it was a nightmare. Within one afternoon of changing to Springarms I swear to this day I have not had one water trough problem.

I have no water stress, I sleep better, have more time with the family, and finally went to the beach with no call backs to fix water…. and long may it last! This simple fix has really done the trick and we are thankful for being able to solve the problem of water supply without a major expensive upgrade.”

Travis Awburn, Drystock Farmer.

I’ve been replacing the ballcock arms with Springarms. Now we have no more broken arms, trough
leaks, empty water tanks, and extra work continually replacing broken arms. Once
replaced with the Springarm, that’s it – job done.

Paul Vossen, Dairy Farmer.

Paul Vosser Dairy Farmer
Cows drinking with a Springarm in the Trough

Having empty troughs and replacing dozens of ballcock arms every year was just incredibly costly. We are saving massively on pumping costs and the cost of the arms themselves. Our Springarms don’t break. My team and I don’t have to go down and check the pump all the time. Springarms just take the worry away, which is exactly what we want.

Mitchell Coombe, Dairy Farmer.

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