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of 3 x 35 degree Springarms

Try Springarms on your farm

Springarm. The solution to broken ballcock arms.

Are you tired of overflowing troughs and broken ballcock arms? 

Water management on the farm during Summer can be the bane of a farmers existence. Unnecessary time lost, water wasted, and money spent, not to mention the constant worry of which ballcock arm will go next?

Take the worry of broken ballcock arms away.


Farmer’s Little Saviour

90 Degree 'Hockey Stick' Springarm

Compatible with Apex HiFlo 220 Valves

Springarm, flexible water trough arms

The Original Springarm

Compatible with a wide range of valves (see below) This arm works best in bottom filling troughs

35 Degree Springarm

Compatible with a wide range of valves (see below). This arm is great for top and centre filling troughs

Freight additional.

Strong & Long Lasting

Springarm ballcock arms are made from stainless steel and engineered to last in the harsh outdoor environment whilst withstanding the bumps and knocks from drinking stock over and over again.

Water Saving

Due to their robust design and manufacturing, Springarm ballcock arms won’t break, meaning you can sleep easy not having to worry about which broken arm in a trough will deplete your water supply.

Save Money & Time

Overflowing troughs and broken ballcock arms will cost you money in replacement arms, water and time. Springarm's solve this costly and annoying problem for farmers.

Changing ballcock arms was a daily routine job for me during the summer months, taking up time and causing stress and frustrations when water was scarce. Since inventing the Springarm and using them on our farm, over the past 18 months, we have not had a single broken ballcock arm.

Ric Awburn, Dairy Farmer, Waikato, Inventor of Springarm

Order a trial pack of 3 Springarms

$75.00 incl gst.

Order individual Springarms

From $25.00 ea/incl gst.

Also available at your local Farmlands

Universal Coupling - Straight Springarm

Our straight Springarms will fit most trough valves found on the market.  Below are some of the more common valves found on many farms.

Hansen Valve fits Springarm
Apex Valve fits Springarm 4
Apex Valve fits Springarm 2
Apex Valve fits Springarm
Apex Valve fits Springarm 3

Springarm Farmer Reviews

Need Springarms?

For International Orders and Orders Over 50 Units please contact us directly on [email protected] or call 0800 258 370